Where will we find Takeout Stations?

Eventually, you'll find them nearly everywhere: apartment buildings and condos, offices, college campuses, factories, airports, hotels, and hospitals, to name but a few locations.

How are your machines different from ordinary vending machines?

Vending machines mostly sell pre-manufactured snacks and drinks; Takeout Stations are exponentially more capable, like the difference between a baby stroller and a Ferrari. Using proprietary robotics, they assemble fresh, premium ingredients and serve a fully-customized restaurant-quality meal on demand.

Is this better than restaurant delivery?

Restaurant delivery certainly has its place, but inefficiencies very difficult to surmount usually make it costly for both restaurants and customers. Moreover, it can take too long to get a meal, many foods don't travel well, and significant human contact is required.

How safe is eating from a Takeout Station?

It's extremely safe, since human-food contact and human-human interaction are minimized. What’s more, our machines are uniquely designed so they don’t directly touch the food you’ll be eating, and no residues are left behind that can contaminate another meal, feed the growth of pathogens, or attract insects.

I see you served grain bowls during your Beta Program; what other foods can you serve?

Now Cuisine's technology is designed from the ground up to enable a wide variety of foods to be served; these will be implemented in future Takeout Stations.

Are there others doing something similar?

Robotics for foodservice has been an active area, and other startups are pursuing food and beverage machines. These mostly offer salads or single items like coffee, smoothies, or pizza. Some companies fill vending machines with grab-and-go jars, but such meals are not freshly-prepared, aren’t customizable or hot, and lack variety. Others provide salads using limited ingredients that aren't protected against spoilage; moreover, food safety is not assured, machine cleaning is time-consuming and needs special facilities, and portion control is a challenge. Our technology—which allows virtually any ingredient to be served, provides unmatched freshness and safety, and simplifies logistics—is fundamentally different, and covered by a portfolio of pending international patents.

What happens if there’s any unsold food?

We’ll donate any unsold food that’s suitable for consumption to a local food bank.