Highly-Scalable Robotic Restaurants

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A Delicious Bowl

We’re building the first highly-scalable restaurant: an AI-enabled robotic “Restaurant-in-a-Box” kiosk that’s a decentralized sales, fulfillment, and marketing platform for restaurant brands, allowing them to scale incredibly fast, become ubiquitous, and operate 24/7.

Stocked with fresh ingredients, our kiosks rapidly make to order healthy, delicious, fully-customized hot and cold meals: Burrito bowls, Mediterranean bowls, grain bowls, breakfast bowls, and more.

With a kiosk nearby—in an office or multifamily building, hotel, college campus, etc.—people gain a new way to dine that’s faster and more affordable than delivery, and far more convenient than driving to a restaurant.

Our kiosks are unique: There’s no direct contact between food and machine, ensuring superb food safety and freedom from cross-contamination. They’re highly compact and need no special facilities, so they go places brick-and-mortar restaurants never can. And they can serve meals using virtually any ingredient.

Compared with delivery, our kiosks allow highly-efficient, eco-friendly meal fulfillment.

Compared with delivery, our kiosks allow highly-efficient, eco-friendly meal fulfillment.

Our approach is win-win: Restaurants reach customers they might not otherwise, grow revenues, reduce risk, and promote their brands. Consumers get healthy, personalized, affordable meals without wasting precious time. Locations gain an amenity for tenants and guests, or a perk and productivity boost for employees. And the planet benefits from fewer cars clogging the roads, burning gas and spewing emissions.

We partner with forward-thinking restaurants like Freebirds World Burrito, and with locations that seek the benefit of a turnkey, fully- automated restaurant that feeds residents, tenants, guests, and employees.